We are adventurers. We adventure into places that most people have forgotten, many of these places have rich histories and have played large parts in peoples lives.

We don’t vandalize, we don’t take from places — we see this all too often, we would like to maintain these forgotten places as well as their memories. If a place isn’t already open we don’t break in.

We document these places and provide media so that other people can enjoy the rich histories of these places as well.

These places can be dangerous and this isn’t something for everyone, but we hope you can find some enjoyment from what we document.

Just a few hours after humans disappear; lights around the world will shut down.
2 days after the human race is gone, endangered species will start recovering.
In 25 years 75% of the planets paved city streets and sidewalks will be covered in vegetation.
In 500 Years, plants, dirt and sand would begin to encompass even the most urban environments. Many cities would be completely buried.
In 1000 Years, radio and TV broadcasts would still be travelling outwards.
After civilization collapses, after capitalism implodes upon itself, there will be no more people left to continue our destruction of this planet.
In some Places, this has already begun.

Welcome to the wasteland!